2006 Chicago Bears Tailgating Photos
Calm before the storm at 31st street. Beautiful day before the Seahawks beating.
Did you have any doubt in your mind that Bear tailgaters are fanatics? Behind our car in the grass at 31st street sits what appears to be a memorial to a fallen tailgater. Let's just hope someone isn't buried there.
Jen prepares bloody mary's at around 10 a.m., a full 9 hours before gametime.
Sheesh, a lot of shots were being offered around prior to the Seahawk game.
My co-worker Stacy and her husband. Stacy had to work Monday, sorry to say (for her).
The Illinois State TKE tailgate 2006.
Sebastian and Toni from New Jersey, who fly in just for Bear games a couple times a year. Sebastian says even if he broke his leg, he'd sling it over his shoulder and hobble to the parking lot.
The crew at the Bills game. Beautiful day.
Never miss a season without tailgating with the Grabowski crew. This is prior to the 49er whipping.
My father Jerry and I. This was on his 68th birthday. He got to see the best game he's seen live since 1985.
Another shot of the Grabowski crew, including "TC" and his buddys who cook up some mean ribs on a Weber grill they tow behind them all the way to the stadium.
View in the seats-my father and I and good friends Brad & Peggy.
The tailgating crowd at about 9 a.m., when it was about 10 degrees outside. No problem for us. We love the cold.
Chris, Jen and I with our Tundra Gear Hats.
Brad stood by the grill and cooked up his pork lions all morning. Delicious.
The author posing in front of the North Division Champs logo.

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